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When you hear about a company taking the personality of its owner, it's never been as true as it is with Gail's.

It's no secret the Harley-Davidson® brand has been in Gail's family for more than 30 years, but even before that motorcycles have always been Gail's passion.

Gail was one of a small number of female Harley-Davidson® owners and her dealership was one of the top Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the country for over 2 decades. She decided in 2020 to sell her franchise and move into pre-owned Harley-Davidson®. Gail is taking on this world with the gas pedal pushed fully down! She now offers pre-owned Harley-Davidson® and just about anything else you can make go vroom!

Now, as Gail celebrates over 20 years of excellence, we invite you to be a part of our family- whether it's as a customer or as an employee.