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The Heartland Riders is the local riding club sponsored by Gail's. Joining the Heartland Riders is a great way to seek adventure, build friendships, and create unforgettable experiences with other motorcycle enthusiasts. For any questions regarding our Heartland Riders, please contact the H.R. office (816) 966-2222 or email hog@feelthepower.com.

Heartland Riders Connection

Attending connections is a great way to meet other motorcycle riders, make new friends, and learn about upcoming rides and events. Heartland Riders connections are held the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10 am in the Lounge at Gail’s. We want to welcome you and hope to see you at the next connection!

Group Riding Seminars

Several times a year Heartland Riders hosts group riding seminars for all members. These seminars are very informative and provide safety tips, review of hand signals, ride formation details, and much more. We highly recommend that you attend at least one, especially if you are new to riding in a group.

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The Mission Statement of Heartland Riders is to "Ride and Have Fun". We want to encourage ALL riders to join in rides and events. We are open to all brands of motorcycles and rider skill levels. All Heartland Riders rides are alcohol and drug-free.

RainoutLine Information

To see or hear what activities and rides we have coming up, check out the RainoutLine. It is available as a mobile device application at the app store or google play. It is also accessible online at http://rainoutline.com or you can call 816-688-2010 to hear the events and rides scheduled.

As always, should you or any of your H.R. friends get a speeding ticket or a citation for doing an illegal U-turn; the HPR Office will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, fellow riders. This challenge must be completed in a maximum of 5 consecutive days.

Now, what do Rockport, Alexandria, Steele, and South West City all have in common with Reserve, St. Francis, Elkhart, and Baxter Springs? Well, they are located in the four corners of either Missouri or Kansas and have at least two gas stations in case one happens to be closed. Your challenge is to visit each of these towns and bring back to the HPR Office, as proof, a gas receipt. Make sure the receipt shows the date, time, and city. That will be proof that you visited each city within a maximum of five consecutive days. A special patch will be awarded to those H.R. members who do each state.

Everyone knows how fast Gail tears down the drag strip, but did you know the Heartland Riders (formerly, American Heartland H.O.G.® Chapter) was the fastest-growing H.O.G.® chapter ever? We knew something big was happening when 240 attended the very first meeting in 2003. To date, nearly 2,000 riders are registered Heartland Riders (formerly: American Heartland members). The mission of Heartland Riders is to ride and have fun, and we certainly do both! We love to ride - from 30-minute dinner rides to 9-day 4,000-mile rides across the country and into Canada. And we love to have fun during our rides, at meetings, and while volunteering at many of Gail's sponsored rides and events. We all feel very much a part of the Gail's family of riders. Be sure to stop in the dealership and meet Heartland Riders Director Robert Bartow. Come and join us!!